Scheduled and previous talks

2nd July 2016 (5.15pm): Talk by Yan Wong and Joëlle Pappas at Oxford University Museum of Natural History
A free talk on the science and choreography of the Dancing the tree of life project (see below). Although this is free, it would be helpful to book here to assess numbers.
10th June 2016: Talk by Richard Dawkins & Yan Wong at the Cheltenham Science Festival
Book tickets here.
28th April 2016: Publication date of the Ancestor's Tale, 2nd edition
On the publication date, Richard Dawkins and Yan Wong talked to a packed audience in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History — the location in 1860 of the Great Debate that projected Darwin's Theory of Evolution into the public sphere. The extensively revised OneZoom software release was arranged to happen simultaneously.
9th April 2016: "The Ancestor's Tale: a Pilgrimage to the dawn of life"
One of the most successful talks of the entire FTWeekend Literary Festival. Richard Dawkins and Yan Wong in conversation, presenting the new concepts in the Ancestors Tale to a sold-out audience in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford.


The Ancestor's Trail

30th July 2016
The pilgrimage of the Ancestor's Tale made real over the course of a walk in Epping Forest, near London. Join Chris Jenord and his band of evolutionary pilgrims to trace out our spectacular history, back though time. See the Ancestor's Trail website for more details.

Dancing the Tree of Life

Sat 2nd July 2016: Oxford (Museum of Natural History / Oxfordshire Science Festival / Alice’s Day collaboration)
A choreographic interpretation of evolution and the flow of DNA though time, the result of a collaboration between Yan Wong and Joelle Pappas. Performances at:
  • 1.30pm in Broad Street
  • 3pm on the lawn of the Museum of Natural History (OX1 3PW)
  • 4pm inside the Museum of Natural History.
  • Free talk at 5.15pm in the Museum lecture theatre (see above)
Leaflet here (8.6 Mb or try the 2Mb low-res version).
Sat 11th June 2016: Cheltenham science festival
Performances at 12 noon, 2pm & 3pm in Cheltenham town centre, followed by a free talk at the Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham (3.30pm - 4.15).