2nd edition

The Ancestor’s Tale

A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life

Richard Dawkins
& Yan Wong

The Ancestor’s Tale is a journey through the family tree of all life on earth.

One of the richest accounts of evolution ever written
Financial Times
Should be given to all intelligent young persons starting out on their exploration of the world
Sunday Telegraph
No other book I have read has given me such a dizzyingly immediate sense of the vastness and strangeness of the changes brought about by evolution over the eons, or how intimately all life is bound together
Daily Telegraph

The Ancestor’s Tale takes us on a journey through life on earth, from humans to earliest life forms, 4 billion years ago. In a very real sense, the whole of life is described within its pages. Before you buy the book, you might like to read about the extensive revisions to this new edition, peruse the Chaucerian tales told by creatures on our journey, or simply explore the tree of life in all its beauty.